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Last Updated 26 Sept 2018

Chamber Board and Staff answers to Retreat Questions.

June 11 - Email from Julie Brooks to Governmental Affairs Committee
10.46 am

  • Receipt of website links from Strategies360 for David Stander and Julie Macias up and running.
  • Information conveyed from Andrew Wunder, Strategies360 regarding challenges to Band and Dufault.
  • Discussion regarding who should represent the challenge to the Royce and Kelly Recalls.

Chamber / Town Contracts and Financials

June 13 - Email from Andrew Wunder, Strategies 360 to Julie Brooks
10.56 am & 2.47 pm

  • Confirmation websites and Facebook ready for Macias and Stander.
  • Details about the management of the Mayor's Recall.  
  • Proposal to use paid canvassers for Mayor's Recall.

June 13 - Email from Julie Brooks to Governmental Affairs Committee
10.44 am

  • Detailed timeline regarding Mayor's Recall Petition as provided by Ruben Madrid

The Proof

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Volunteer Petition Circulator Guidelines for Recalls
Provided by Strategies360

June 12 - Email from Julie Brooks to Governmental Affairs Committee
2.23 pm

  • Julie rethinks Band, Dufault and Nohl challenges.
  • Directing tasks regarding the Mayor's Recall.

List of members of the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce who appear as the Government Affairs Committee on email communications.

The following are documents provided by Wickenburg residents.

Documents are copies of communications from Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, their Government Affairs Committee and an outside political operative organization, Strategies360.

Immediately below we provide a list of addressees who appear on all the Government Affairs Committee communications.  We encourage you to contact them to STOP their backing of outsider meddling!

June 11 - Email from Julie to Governmental Affairs Committee
11.53 am

  • Asking for donations from members.
  • Explains that Strategies360 will handle either checks or credit cards and will answer any questions.